Most people like e-commerce solutions Shopify because it allows them to set up their e-commerce stores and start selling. It also comes with a glittering array of templates to make your store attractive to prospective customers. Specifically, it comes with more than 55 templates in over 140 styles. That’s a lot of options to choose from. This post covers the best Shopify templates in 2018:

E-commerce solutions Shopify template # 1: Brooklyn

When it comes to highly responsive Shopify templates, Brooklyn makes a list. It’s responsive because it adjusts to look awesome on any screen resolution, including mobile. The great thing is that it comes with a demo functionality, which allows you to test it out on any browser and screen to ensure that it works perfectly well on your e-commerce store. It also offers customization options, which means you can easily change its fonts, colors, and images.

E-commerce solutions Shopify template # 2: Solo

Solo is a great template for e-commerce websites that deal with small to medium-sized inventories. Regardless of the kind of e-commerce business you run, Solo is designed to make it look elegant. Some of the striking features of Solo include a responsive design, re-arrangeable homepage, and the capability to show one product front and center. It also comes with many other standard features.

E-commerce solutions Shopify template # 3: New Standard

New standard e-commerce websites template is great for any product. It comes with responsive design, which means you can access it nicely through any mobile device. It also comes with a clean, minimalistic design that doesn’t complicate things for your customers. New Standard comes with all the standard features you would want in a website template, including a slide show, mobile-friendly layouts, products and featured collections.

E-commerce solutions Shopify template # 4: Supply

Supply is designed for e-commerce stores that handle large inventories. It’s made in such a way that customers can easily and quickly scour all the categories and products that you offer. Some of the most important features of Supply include multiple homepage collections, prominent navigation, easy integration with multiple apps, and sidebar filtering.


Choosing a template for your Shopify store can mean the difference between success and failure. You want to stand out from the rest of the stores on Shopify so choosing a great template is one of the things you can do to achieve that. The good thing is that these templates are free. Once you pay the monthly subscription, you are free to use any template you wish.